Adult Diaper

adult Caring Products Diapers


SGSTender and Soft:

 The product is made from natural cotton, thus able to provide maximized comfort and reduce inflamed reactions.


Made to fit All

 By adding Velcro to strap, customers are able to wear the diapers in any way possible. All body shapes could be compensated.



 By adding our unique ZIOX formula (Zinc Oxide), it is able to eliminate 99.6% of Staphylococcus Aureus and 99.9% of the E. Coli bacteria within 24hrs.


Stay Moisturized

 Through adding our unique emulsion, the user’s butt can stay hydrate and be protected.


Prevent Leakage

 Through the concave design of the diaper, the customer can ensure that it will stay fully concealed at all times.